Project : NDC Center Expansion

The North District Center Expansion project entails the development of a new educational facility that will provide a comfortable living environment suitable for students, faculty, and the community.  The existing 11,764 sf building will be replaced with a 40,000 sf two story facility.  The first floor will consist of an expansive library, student services department, staff offices, computer labs, bookstore, multi-use/community room and open study area.  In a joint effort between West Hills College and the Fresno County Public Library, the new Library will provide learning resources for North District Center students and possibly the community.  Some of these resources include computer stations, group study rooms, and a children’s section.  The second floor of the building will consist of classrooms, science labs, an art lab, lab support spaces, and faculty offices.  The building design will utilize natural light and incorporate many LEED certified products.  Total project cost is projected to be $44,106,000.

This project is currently awaiting funding from the next statewide general obligation bond, which will provide 95% of the total project cost.  Estimated duration of construction is 27 months.  

A meeting with the City was held to incoprorate the development of the recently aquired sites into the scope of the center expansion. It was proposed the new location of the building center within the new aquired property.

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