Project : Parking Expansion

With an increasing demand for parking in downtown Firebaugh, and WHCCD’s  acquisition of adjacent properties, the Parking Expansion project increased on-site parking by 51 spaces, totaling 82 standard and 4 accessible spaces for North District Center students and the community.  Site improvements along O Street and utility upgrades were also included in this project.

Construction was completed in August 2011.  Total construction cost was $259,267.83.   

New landscaping and irrigation were installed as a separate project after the Parking Expansion project was completed.  Existing irrigation controls were replaced with a new operating system capable of maintaining the expanded irrigation layout.  Drip irrigation and drought tolerant shrubs were installed throughout the parking lot planter areas to reduce on-site water consumption.

Installation was completed in October 2011.  Total project cost was $20,210.00.

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